Challenge Based Learning at Wonga Park State School

Adele Brice from Wonga Park Primary School had quite an inspiring message in her keynote addressing her school’s journey towards Challenge Based Learning.

The school’s website

A video

Download an iBook which sets out their journey

Adele very quickly in her keynote brought up some key questions a school should ask itself:

  • What opportunities are you providing for authentic student voice?
  • What questions did you ask your students last week?
  • How does redefinition look in your school?
  • How are you making the technology invisible?

Where they started:

  • labs were absorbing tech time
  • net books not being used well
  • inquiry learning not new to them but they needed a whole school approach
  • they knew that a whole school approach was vital
  • they employed david anderson as an inquiry learning consultant
  • INTERACT – was great for inquiry learning
  • They decided upon a whole school approach – Challenge Based Learning
  • They followed the Victorian iPad Trial closely and with interest.
  • They wondered about starting BYO ipads in Year 4 or 5 or Year 6 but then discussed why the children should have to wait for the experience.


  • Whole school transformation through challenge based learning.   CBL encourages children to leverage technology to solve everyday problems through the use of great questions.
  • the use of the tech (Ipads) encourages conversations and flexible spacing.
  • they had an agreement with the parents – core set of apps that don’t change and an amount of money for apps that does not go over a certain limit.
  • they almost immediately saw engagement and excitement and conversations happening at home about the learning that was going on.
  • today they see children who are engaged 100% of the day.
  • they use showbie to set learning intention and to provide feedback with audio recordings and written comments.
  • they use iBooks and iTunesU




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