Tony Vincent

Tony from LearninginHand spoke a lot about ownership even if this is a psychological ownership and the need to give students a sense of ownership of what they do. Psychological ownership is the feeling that something is theirs.

He discussed how ownership is empowerment and that this can lead to engagement.   He talked about how ownership means we feel responsible and that we feel attachment – we feel accountable and then we feel confident.  The same applies to teachers – if they feel owernship of what they are teaching – then they feel more accountable and connected to what they are teaching.

University of Hull – Personal ownership is the single most important factor for successful use of technology.   This was from the Technology Enhanced Learning Research Group, led by Kevin Burden.


We live in an era of personalised technology.  One way that we can take advantage of this is to allow them to create their own media.  Steve Jobs encouraged us to ‘make a dent in the universe’ and our kids should feel empowered to do this.   They should have ownership in their own learning and we should give them things to do that make a difference.

We should give them an audience and we should provide them with choice.  A Harvard business review found that when we choose for ourselves we are far more committed to the outcome by 5 to 1. This does not have to be movies – this can be learning games, quizzes or podcasts.

Harvard also talks about ‘The Ikea Effect’ as something which demonstrates how much value we find in things we create ourselves.  Article 2

Tony talked about spoon feeding for young children as opposed to allowing them to feel themselves – that it can be messy and take longer but that it allows the user to control the flow and that you are less likely to regurgitate and that you have more ownership of the process.

Terry talked about the power of making a student every day into a reporter which means that by the end of the school year, they have a complete log of everyday written by the students..  They took pride in the writing because they knew their writing was for a real purpose.  Kidblog is a safe blogging site for kids.


To finish:  a quote by Terry Heick:  “In contrast with simple compliance, or vague engagement, ownership implies something broader and more cohesive – a tone of interaction between a student and their work that is meaningful and enduring – something bigger than the assignment itself.


Interesting article which I came across while writing this post.

Tony’s blog about his session

Tony’s “Teacher’s Pet” post




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