Stonefields School – New Zealand

Their vision and strategic plan is all about enabling learners for their future 

School website:

Stonefields School – started with 48 learners.  Now they have 415 learners.

Key question:  how do we prepare our learners for their future and not our past?  What might we need to abandon and what can we think differently about

Our vision:

  • Building Learning Capacity – strongly literate and numerate and knowing how to learn
  • Collaborating
  • Making Meaning
  • Breaking Through – fulfillment, satisfaction, personal best.

Ask always about the percentage of school led curriculum and student led curriculum?

From the vision – they expand them into vision essence statements.  They co-constructed these statements with a critical friend.   

Our beliefs and mindsets – why do we do it – because they are worth it.

Our Digital Pedagogy – learners being connected, empowered with the tech being invisible.

Always go back to the vision……what apps? What LMS – always back to the vision…..


  • yr 3-7 have their own chromebook.
  • Year 2 iPads pilot
  • able to access the school wireless

Tech – how can we make the learning deeper?

Driving Change Momentum

Our Core Leadership Work

Ask what’s possible?  How do we want it to look? What are we needing in our curriculum?  What’s missing?

SAMR model – used as a scaffold to have a conversation…………………..

Looked at the apps……and how they could be used in the SAMR model.


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