Valerie Hannon – Board Director – Innovation Unit UK

The above movie was shown to demonstrate one of the issues our children who we are teaching right now are going to have to deal with in the future.  Are we producing children who will have the skills, mindset and competencies to deal with this and other problems?

We are celebrating the extraordinary exposing of devices, tools, modalities.  It has transformed our daily lives and the issue is how can we bring this dazzling array to the business of learning.  How can we truly transform education?

We know that schooling was creating to cater for people throughout the Industrial Revolution.   We know this.   We know that without deep engagement – we won’t get deep learning.

If leadership is about facing the future – are we?????

What are we trying to achieve?   21st century skills?   In what way?

Richard Nobbs – “No Ordinary Disruption”  – the authors compare what is happening now with the industrial revolution but then there was one thing going on…..whereas now, we are facing four revolutions together.

We need to reset out intuitions which are based on our experiences of our past……..we as humans want the future to be like the past…..and it is not going to be.  We need to rethink our common sense of what schooling should be like.

Al Gore – The Future – this gives us a better idea of what the future will be like.   He came up with 6 drivers of change –

  • Globalised economy – shift of entire industries from continent to continent etc
  • Planet wide electronic communications
  • New political economy in which influence and initiative is shifting from west to east
  • Unsustainable population growth and resource depletion
  • Radially unstable relationship between human civilisation and the ecological system
  • Advances in biological, biochemical and materials science that enables human beings to reshape the fabric of life.

What is learning for??  No generations have ever faced this before…….

Other people can look away…….but we as educators can’t…….and can’t afford to.

4 levels 

  • planetary/global
  • national/Local
  • interpersonal
  • intrapersonal

Proposals – what skills do we need?   What do we need to do?

Planetary and global – to live within the earths’ renewable resources and to acquire global competence.

Naitonal and local – reinvent a democracy which is participative and authentic. To acquire the creative, collaborative, entreupenueial and metacognitive skills to ‘earn a living’.   To adapt to, and shape automated working environments with co-workers

INterpersonal – to acquire empathy, insight and respect and diverse and digitised societies.

to acquire sexual identities which do not harm but enhance and humanise.  to care fore and nurture others beyond the family.  to lead, to collaborate and to follow

Intrapersonal – to cope with increasing levels of technological enhancement.  To take responsibility for pesonal health and fitness over a long life.  To apprehend and create beauty.  To acquire self –  knowledge.

So much reform, so little change.  Charles M Payne

We need to ask ‘what is learning for?”


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