To Do – Post #ADE2015

I’ve just had a fantastic 4 days at Singapore at the ADE Institute for 2015.  I’ve done a separate post about my awesome experience throughout this time.   Upon my return (5 hours later to be exact) I went along to the Young ICT Explorers Final at University of QLD to meet up with our school’s 4 groups who had been shortlisted for the finals.    I was super impressed by the levels of expertise demonstrated by these young people – the sort of skills that previously would have been shown by those at least 10 years older.

Below though are the things on my agenda upon my return:

Possible Actions back at my site:

Student Leaders:  this is something I know I need to do.  To fast-track this, can I invite applications for this process and get this going in Yrs 4 – 6 straight away.

Junior Primary Leaders – Can I take my Prep Group on a Monday morning and pick 5 things that I can train experts in. These experts can then work with their class, present to the neighbouring classes and then take this knowledge into Year One.

Digital Pedagogy Coaching:  I had a great session with our Regional Coach before I came here which was timely.  I need to start this.  I need to use the TOPS Padagogy Placement to shape these conversations and direct where I can best help.

Makerspace:  Make a meeting with parents and interested staff but get going straight away by introducing a piece of equipment straight away – one per week – put out in the Library with instruction signs.  ‘Pop-up Maker Table’ to appear at the beginning of the week and then be integrated in the space downstairs.

  • 3D printing apps
  • Osmo
  • Little Bits
  • Sphero
  • Girls and Engineering Kits
  • Stop motion with Lego
  • Edison robots
  • Makey-Makey with laptop
  • Scratch on laptop
  • Coding on iPads
  • Minecraft


My idea of identifying those for a Code Club needs to develop.  ENG QUEST for training ground in Engineering processes and then some of these children identified for CODING CLUB.  Registration for Bebras can happen first.


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